The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium (NCRC) is a centralized, publicly available resource that rapidly curates and reviews the emerging scientific evidence about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Our goal is to provide accurate, relevant information for global public health action by clinicians, public health practitioners, and policy makers.

Our Method at a Glance

  • Who:
    The NCRC is an effort by more than 50 faculty, fellows, alumni, and students from the Johns Hopkins Schools of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and other institutions globally.
  • What:
    We prioritize original, high-quality research for public health action and papers receiving significant press, regardless of quality.
  • How:
    Experts work in eight teams to summarize the papers selected into the compendium, describe its value added based on what is already known about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, and write a summary of the key findings relevant for action or practice. When we decide to include an article that was authored by someone within the NCRC, we assign it to a reviewer without current or past professional collaborations with that author.
  • Why:
    As the pandemic unfolds, there has been a rapid proliferation of literature on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. Reliable and rapidly curated evidence is needed to inform the public, programs, policy, and research.

Our Process

Working alongside informationists at the Johns Hopkins Welch Library, we developed and maintain a list of key search terms for our eight focus areas. Using these, we scour PubMed and preprint servers (MedXriv, BioXriv, and SSRN) for papers. Papers are divided among eight teams, led by topical experts in ecology & spillover, mathematical modeling, clinical presentation & prognostic risk factors, epidemiology, diagnostics, vaccines, non-pharmaceutical interventions, and pharmaceutical interventions.

Teams sort incoming abstracts and decide whether they believe the paper will bring new and key information to inform clinicians, public health practitioners, and policy makers. In addition to selecting key articles from our search results, we keep our eyes on the press and social media to see what papers are trending.

For each paper selected into the compendium, our teams summarize the setting, population, results, strengths, limitations of the paper, and value added. At the end, we write our short take of the paper’s key finding(s), significance, and reliability.

How to Request a Paper for Review

If you are interested in requesting our review of a paper, please send an email to with “Request for Paper Review” in the subject line for our consideration.

NCRC in the News

Our endeavors have been covered by Science, Wired, STAT News, CNN, Buzzfeed, and the JHSPH Magazine.


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Recent Activity

  • Genomics and epidemiology of a novel SARS-CoV-2 lineage in Manaus, Brazil

    1. Nuno R. Faria
    2. Thomas A. Mellan
    3. Charles Whittaker
    4. Ingra M. Claro
    5. Darlan da S. Candido
    6. Swapnil Mishra
    7. Myuki A. E. Crispim
    8. Flavia C. Sales
    9. Iwona Hawryluk
    10. John T. McCrone
    11. Ruben J. G. Hulswit
    12. Lucas A. M. Franco
    13. Mariana S. Ramundo
    14. Jaqueline G. de Jesus
    15. Pamela S. Andrade
    16. Thais M. Coletti
    17. Giulia M. Ferreira
    18. Camila A. M. Silva
    19. Erika R. Manuli
    20. Rafael H. M. Pereira
    21. Pedro S. Peixoto
    22. Moritz U. Kraemer
    23. Nelson Gaburo
    24. Cecilia da C. Camilo
    25. Henrique Hoeltgebaum
    26. William M. Souza
    27. Esmenia C. Rocha
    28. Leandro M. de Souza
    29. Mariana C. de Pinho
    30. Leonardo J. T Araujo
    31. Frederico S. V. Malta
    32. Aline B. de Lima
    33. Joice do P. Silva
    34. Danielle A. G. Zauli
    35. Alessandro C. de S. Ferreira
    36. Ricardo P Schnekenberg
    37. Daniel J. Laydon
    38. Patrick G. T. Walker
    39. Hannah M. Schlüter
    40. Ana L. P. dos Santos
    41. Maria S. Vidal
    42. Valentina S. Del Caro
    43. Rosinaldo M. F. Filho
    44. Helem M. dos Santos
    45. Renato S. Aguiar
    46. José L. P. Modena
    47. Bruce Nelson
    48. James A. Hay
    49. Melodie Monod
    50. Xenia Miscouridou
    51. Helen Coupland
    52. Raphael Sonabend
    53. Michaela Vollmer
    54. Axel Gandy
    55. Marc A. Suchard
    56. Thomas A. Bowden
    57. Sergei L. K. Pond
    58. Chieh-Hsi Wu
    59. Oliver Ratmann
    60. Neil M. Ferguson
    61. Christopher Dye
    62. Nick J. Loman
    63. Philippe Lemey
    64. Andrew Rambaut
    65. Nelson A. Fraiji
    66. Maria do P. S. S. Carvalho
    67. Oliver G. Pybus
    68. Seth Flaxman
    69. Samir Bhatt
    70. Ester C. Sabino
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  • Early chains of transmission of COVID-19 in France

    1. Juliette Paireau
    2. Alexandra Mailles
    3. Catherine Eisenauher
    4. Franck de Laval
    5. François Delon
    6. Paolo Bosetti
    7. Henrik Salje
    8. Valérie Pontiès
    9. Simon Cauchemez
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  • An observational cohort study on the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection and B.1.1.7 variant infection in healthcare workers by antibody and vaccination status

    1. Sheila F Lumley
    2. Gillian Rodger
    3. Bede Constantinides
    4. Nicholas Sanderson
    5. Kevin K Chau
    6. Teresa L Street
    7. Denise O’Donnell
    8. Alison Howarth
    9. Stephanie B Hatch
    10. Brian D Marsden
    11. Stuart Cox
    12. Tim James
    13. Fiona Warren
    14. Liam J Peck
    15. Thomas G Ritter
    16. Zoe de Toledo
    17. Laura Warren
    18. David Axten
    19. Richard J Cornall
    20. E Yvonne Jones
    21. David I Stuart
    22. Gavin Screaton
    23. Daniel Ebner
    24. Sarah Hoosdally
    25. Meera Chand
    26. Oxford University Hospitals Staff Testing Group
    27. Derrick W Crook
    28. Anne-Marie O’Donnell
    29. Christopher P Conlon
    30. Koen B Pouwels
    31. A Sarah Walker
    32. Tim EA Peto
    33. Susan Hopkins
    34. Timothy M Walker
    35. Nicole E Stoesser
    36. Philippa C Matthews
    37. Katie Jeffery
    38. David W Eyre
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  • Preliminary Efficacy of the NVX-CoV2373 Covid-19 Vaccine Against the B.1.351 Variant

    1. Vivek Shinde
    2. Sutika Bhikha
    3. Zaheer Hoosain
    4. Moherndran Archary
    5. Qasim Bhorat
    6. Lee Fairlie
    7. Umesh Lalloo
    8. Mduduzi S. L. Masilela
    9. Dhayendre Moodley
    10. Sherika Hanley
    11. Leon Fouche
    12. Cheryl Louw
    13. Michele Tameris
    14. Nishanta Singh
    15. Ameena Goga
    16. Keertan Dheda
    17. Coert Grobbelaar
    18. Gertruida Kruger
    19. Nazira Carrim-Ganey
    20. Vicky Baillie
    21. Tulio de Oliveira
    22. Anthonet Lombard Koen
    23. Johan J. Lombaard
    24. Rosie Mngqibisa
    25. As’ad Ebrahim Bhorat
    26. Gabriella Benadé
    27. Natasha Lalloo
    28. Annah Pitsi
    29. Pieter-Louis Vollgraaff
    30. Angelique Luabeya
    31. Aliasgar Esmail
    32. Friedrich G. Petrick
    33. Aylin Oommen Jose
    34. Sharne Foulkes
    35. Khatija Ahmed
    36. Asha Thombrayil
    37. Lou Fries
    38. Shane Cloney-Clark
    39. Mingzhu Zhu
    40. Chijioke Bennett
    41. Gary Albert
    42. Emmanuel Faust
    43. Joyce S. Plested
    44. Andreana Robertson
    45. Susan Neal
    46. Iksung Cho
    47. Greg M. Glenn
    48. Filip Dubovsky
    49. Shabir A. Madhi
    50. for the 2019nCoV-501 Study Group
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  • Household COVID-19 risk and in-person schooling

    1. Justin Lessler
    2. M. Kate Grabowski
    3. Kyra H. Grantz
    4. Elena Badillo-Goicoechea
    5. C. Jessica E. Metcalf
    6. Carly Lupton-Smith
    7. Andrew S. Azman
    8. Elizabeth A. Stuart
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